Part of the Samples Website. 8/16/97.


«Creates an folder full of aliases to all applications in a folder
local (searchFolder)
if file.getFolderDialog ("Select folder to gather application aliases from.", @searchFolder)
local (aliasesFolder = searchFolder + "Application Aliases:")
if file.exists (aliasesFolder) «delete the file or folder if it exists
file.deleteFolder (aliasesFolder)
file.newFolder (aliasesFolder)
local (f)
fileloop (f in searchFolder, infinity) «loop over all the files in the path
if file.type (f) equals 'APPL'
local (name = file.fileFromPath (f))
file.newAlias (f, aliasesFolder + name) «create the alias
msg (name) «provide feedback
file.openFolder (aliasesFolder) «open the folder in the Finder

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