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«Re-arranges the icons in the sub-folders of the Frontier folder
«this script cleans things up so they look neat
local (hdist = 100, vdist = 50)
local (ctperline = 3)
on dofolder (folder)
local (f, h = 0, v = 0, ct = 0)
on bumppos ()
if ct >= ctperline «wrap around to next line
h = 0
v = v + vdist
ct = 0
h = h + hdist
rollBeachBall ()
on setpos ()
if file.isVisible (f) «only count visible files
file.setIconPos (f, h, v)
bumppos ()
fileloop (f in folder) «do files first
if not file.isFolder (f)
setpos ()
fileloop (f in folder) «do folders second
if file.isFolder (f)
setpos ()
fileloop (f in folder) «dive into each folder
if file.isFolder (f)
dofolder (f)
«magic incantations to the Finder
Finder.changeView (folder, Finder.view.byIcon)
Finder.zoomWindow (folder, false)
Finder.close (folder)
dofolder (Frontier.pathString)

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