Part of the Samples Website. 8/16/97.


«Shows how to launch an app or document on a remote Macintosh
«first we launch someting on the local Mac, just to test
«then we launch Klondike on a remote machine
«clearly, you have to fill in names of your machines/apps in this script
on launchRemoteFile (netpath, filepath)
local (folder = alias (file.folderFromPath (filepath)))
finderEvent (netpath + ":Finder", 'FNDR', 'sope', '----', folder, 'fsel', {alias (filepath)})
launchRemoteFile ("*:Desktop Dave", "RAM Disk:BBS.sit") «launch on local machine
launchRemoteFile ("*:Deputy Dave", "TestHD_0:Klondike 5.0.1") «launch on remote machine

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