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«A miscellaneous grab bag of string stuff
«step thru the script in the debugger
local (s)
s = "Do you know the way to San Jose?"
msg (string.upper (s))
msg (string.lower (s))
msg (string.replaceAll (s, "o", "o"))
msg (string.mid (s, 1, 5)) «show the first five characters
msg (string.delete (s, 1, 5)) «show all but the first five characters
msg (string.insert ("***", s, 5)) «insert three stars at character 5
msg (string.filledString ("-", 50))
msg (string.filledString ("ABC", 10))
msg (string.addCommas (1000000)) «displays 1,000,000
msg (string.kBytes (memAvail ())) «show the amount of memory available

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