Part of the Samples Website. 8/16/97.


«Sorts a text file using the quick sort in Frontier's outliner
«run samples.basicStuff.writeTextFile first to create the sample file
local (f = file.getSystemDisk () + "textfile")
local (fileType = file.type (f), fileCreator = file.creator (f))
local (outline) (f)
s = string ( (f, infinity)) «read the whole file into the string
file.close (f)
clipboard.putValue (s)
new (outlineType, @outline) «create a temporary outline
edit (@outline)
editMenu.paste ()
op.firstSummit ()
op.deleteLine ()
op.sort ()
editMenu.selectAll ()
editMenu.copy ()
s = clipboard.getValue ('TEXT') (f)
file.setType (f, fileType)
file.setCreator (f, fileCreator)
file.write (f, s)

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