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«generates a nested list of files in your System Folder
«every file is represented as a single item in the list
«every folder is a sub-list
«lists can contain other lists as elements!
«we save this list in scratchpad.systemList
«it's used in the next list sample script
on doFolder (folder)
local (subList, f)
subList = {} «start with an empty list
fileloop (f in folder) «build the list
subList = subList + file.fileFromPath (f)
if file.isFolder (f)
subList = subList + {doFolder (f)}
rollBeachBall ()
return (subList)
local (folder)
folder = file.getSpecialFolderPath ("", "System Folder", false)
scratchpad.systemList = doFolder (folder)
local (item)
for item in scratchpad.systemList «loop over the elements of the list
if typeOf (item) [not equal] listType
dialog.alert (item)

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