Part of the Samples Website. 8/16/97.


«yet another folder outliner script!
«this time we do it by traversing the hiearchic list
«produced by samples.lists.sample3
if not defined (scratchpad.systemList)
samples.lists.sample3 ()
on listToSuboutline (l)
local (i, dir = right, count = sizeOf (l), item)
if count > 0
for i =1 to count
item = l [i]
if typeOf (l [i]) equals listType
listToSuboutline (l [i])
op.insert (l [i], dir)
dir = down
op.go (left, 1)
new (outlineType, @scratchpad.folderOutline)
target.set (@scratchpad.folderOutline)
op.setLineText ( + "'s System Folder:")
edit (@scratchpad.folderOutline)
listToSuboutline (scratchpad.systemList)
target.clear ()

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