Part of the Samples Website. 5/1/97.


«This sample script illustrates the use of records with Quark XPress 3.2
«It creates a new document and lists the 50 states in the U.S.
«Note the assignment to "styles" -- it's a record
with objectModel, QXP, defs
create (document, 0, 0, beginningOf (null))
with document[1].page[1]
local (docbox, styles, f)
docbox = create (textbox, 0, {bounds: {".5"",".5"","8"","8""}}, beginningOf (it))
styles = {font: "Helvetica", size:18, style:{bold:true}, leftindent:"0"", firstindent:"0""}
fileloop (f in file.getSystemFolderPath ())
create (paragraph, file.fileFromPath (f), styles, endOf (docbox.textflow [1]))

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