Windows-Newbies List Charter

The Windows-Newbies list is for people coming from other platforms who want to learn how to be productive on Windows. It's also for Windows experts who are willing to help out the newbies.

Read this page first

Please read everything on this page before subscribing to the list.

All the info you need should be here, but if it's not, send a private message to the list manager,, and he'll answer your question and add something to this web page.

List culture

Sometimes people need advice and help. That's what this list is for.

This list is not for criticizing platforms, people, or their choices. This is not a place to debate, it's a problem solving list.

This is also an international list. For many, English is not their native language, yet that's the language we speak on this list.

At all times give people the benefit of the doubt.

Think before posting to the list. It's a very powerful thing to be able to send a message to all these people, but few things are more irritating to open a message, scan thru several screens of citations, to find the only new idea is "I agree" or "thanks". You use up a lot of people's time with such messages, and delay the delivery of more content-rich messages.

Further, even if you have something to say, it may not be necessary to say it to the whole list. A personal message is appreciated if that's what's called for.

If you break one of these rules it is not OK to send a message to the list apologizing. Just move on, assume people forgive you.

Above all, the Windows-Newbies list is a place of respect. Everyone who subscribes to this list is a real human being with a right to their opinion. No one is wrong, ever.

Subscribing, posting, etc.

To subscribe, send email to The words "subscribe Windows-Newbies" should be in the subject line.

To subscribe to the digest version, send email to The words "subscribe digest Windows-Newbies" should be in the subject line.

To unsubscribe, send email to The words "unsubscribe Windows-Newbies" should be in the subject line.

To post to the list, send your message to

To communicate with a human about list questions or problems, send email to


You can browse or search the messages left on the list thru the archive page for the list.