«Thanks to Jim Correia, correia@barebones.com, for providing a script that works!
«No crashes, still using ZipIt 1.3.5.
«You have to change the glue script, ZipIt.compress, as follows:
«on compress (destfile) «Zips the front window.
«return (appleEvent (ZipIt.id, 'COMP', 'COMP', 'FILE', destfile))
«If all goes well, we can automate updates for Frontier 5 alphas.
«Here's the script...
app.start (@ZipIt)
sys.bringAppToFront (ZipIt.appInfo.ID)
ZipIt.newWindow ()
ZipIt.add (filespec ("Macintosh HD:New Releases:New 5.0 Objects:"))
ZipIt.compress (filespec ("Macintosh HD:newObjects.zip"))
ZipIt.closeWindow (ZipIt.no)