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Poor Joseph Crosby

I've heard a lot about poor Joseph Crosby, the General Manager of the DoubleTree Club Hotel in Houston, TX. I'm going to call him. For the record, I've never stayed at this hotel and I can't remember if I've ever stayed at a DoubleTree (probably) but I'll make a point not to, in the future, when I have a choice.

11:41 AM. His phone is ringing now. Got his voicemail. Left a message telling him what people are saying and asked if he had any comments -- and what ever became of Mike? Total elapsed time, about 10 minutes (incl writing up of the blurb). An interesting distraction on a Tues morning.

BTW, I had something like this happen at the Hotel Pulitzer in Amsterdam. Total blowoff by the hotel staff with a confirmed reservation with a credit card guarantee. But I kept my cool and found the General Manager, and she not only apologized, but gave me a comp on the best room in the hotel which was quite nice ideed.

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