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Thanks Anil!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named iriver.gifI like this piece he wrote about Evan Williams, because he includes me, among Williams, Jason Calacanis and Mark Cuban, as people with "Thank you money" and therefore can say what they think, without anyone telling them they can't. Permalink to this paragraph

That's very nice company indeed. I totally respect Jason, Mark, and Ev -- and I'm glad to see him put Odeo to rest so, honestly, we can get back to doing serious work on podcasting. I don't think he had podcasting in his blood, Twitter looks much more like an Evan Williams project. There I go telling you what I think again.  Permalink to this paragraph

Podshow isn't right either. We don't need a record industry-like advertising agency in the middle of PodcastLand. It's not a good fit, although I understand why Ron Bloom, when he first looked at it, saw a combination of the record and advertising industries -- that's where he came from. Podcasting is much less rulable, it doesn't need a central entity like the one Bloom envisioned, or Odeo, or even Apple. What it does need is what I hope to talk about on Thursday in Boston at the public radio conference.  Permalink to this paragraph

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