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What is reporting?

Wednesday, March 07, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Derrick Schneider: "Reporting is just a genre of writing, alongside essays and stories, and blogggers most certainly fall into that genre." Permalink to this paragraph

Imho, when they talk about reporting on a show like Frontline, they mean the process a reporter goes through. Permalink to this paragraph

1. Interviews, research. Permalink to this paragraph

2. Assemble a story. Permalink to this paragraph

3. Fact-checking and editing. Permalink to this paragraph

4. Publishing. Permalink to this paragraph

Most bloggers aren't doing this whole thing. Our process is different, and I'd argue no less rigorous, just more distributed, and step 2 is something everyone does for themselves. Permalink to this paragraph

Key point in last night's piece -- sources are part of the reporting process, and more and more, the sources are becoming bloggers. Permalink to this paragraph

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