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Microsoft's S3?

Thursday, March 15, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named freakedScoble.jpgScoble thinks Microsoft is going to offer the equivalent of Amazon S3.  Permalink to this paragraph

That would be great!! Permalink to this paragraph

Here's what he said: "Amazon S3 charges right now about $.15 per gigabyte of stuff delivered. Watch what happens after Ray Ozzie jumps into the market. I bet that by late 2008 the cost per gigabyte delivered will be about 1/10th that." Permalink to this paragraph

Yehi! The more the merrier. I'll use them both. What are the chances that both Microsoft and Amazon go out of business? We're starting to approach future-safeness. Let's see, I'd like BofA to provide one too, how about Exxon-Mobil. And of course Harvard, Stanford, Princeton and the University of Michigan. Permalink to this paragraph

It's funny, I just had a flash about Ray and his new job. I always assumed it would be a burden, like a death march, struggling with all those corporate types to get them to do something creative, interesting, something that might capture the imaginations of users and developers. There's no doubt that Scoble is much more creative nowadays. But this makes me wonder if maybe Ray gets to do some creative stuff after all. Permalink to this paragraph

BTW, I love that picture of Scoble, taken the day he announced (or leaked deliberately) the news that he was leaving Microsoft. I know he was kidding around when he posed for the pic (I asked him how it felt to be leaving Microsoft). But you can't hide a certain truth, even when you're playing. Scoble was probably freaked, just a bit -- but that's good. Life should be scary. It's not like anyone knows what's really going on here. Not even Tim O'Reilly or Hugh Forrest.  Permalink to this paragraph

Speaking of Scoble: I just saw a funny Holiday Inn commercial on CNN Morning with a group of business people talking about someone in their group who's blogging and getting written up in all the business pubs. One of the guys jokes to the boss that he should be working for her. She walks in, and acts dorky and blogger-like. It's like they put Scoble in a TV commercial.  Permalink to this paragraph

Microsoft's Dare Obasanjo on S3. Permalink to this paragraph

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