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NY Times on Twitter

Friday, March 16, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named hope.jpgOkay, I got the bugs worked out, and it seems to work, fingers crossed, praise Murhpy, I am not a lawyer and I don't work for the NY Times.  Permalink to this paragraph

http://twitter.com/nyt  Permalink to this paragraph

It's set to post one new story per minute, as long as they are available. I may decrease that to once every three minutes or every five minutes. I'm interested in what people think. Permalink to this paragraph

"All the news that's fit to twit." Permalink to this paragraph

How important it is for publications and publishing platforms to be open. Because Twitter has a public API that allows anyone to add a feature, and because the NY Times offers its content as a set of feeds, I was able to whip up a connection between the two in a few hours. That's the power of open APIs.  Permalink to this paragraph

Rex Hammock: "Hey, Twitter is a newsreader." Permalink to this paragraph

Don Park: "There he goes again." Permalink to this paragraph

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