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My first blog

Wednesday, March 21, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Scripting News is not my first blog, it's not even my second. Permalink to this paragraph

The first was the News page of the 24 Hours of Democracy project, started on 2/15/96. It ended shortly after the project was over, on 2/27/96.  Permalink to this paragraph

My second blog was the Frontier News page, started shortly in March 1996. It wasn't until 4/1/97 that it was lifted up to the home page its name was changed to Scripting News. Permalink to this paragraph

So -- April 1 is the 10th anniverary of this weblog. Permalink to this paragraph

PS: David Dunham wonders if DaveNet wasn't a weblog. I wonder about that too.  Permalink to this paragraph

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