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InfoWorld, we hardly knew ye

Sunday, March 25, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named trs80.jpgI read Jim Forbes's memorial for InfoWorld with goose bumps. It turns out they finally pulled the plug on the magazine, which used to be known in the very early days (which I am old enough to remember) The Intelligent Machines Journal. I first heard about it at one of the early West Coast Computer Faires, the same one where I met Ted Nelson, Mitch Kapor and Dan Bricklin.  Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named osborne1.jpgLots of great reporters got their start at InfoWorld. I rolled out all my products of the 80s through it. I was friends with all the editors, including Stewart Alsop, Jim Fawcette and Jonathan Sacks. And Michael Miller, before he went to PC Mag, set the standard on software reviews. More great people I've worked with when they were at InfoWorld: John Dvorak, John Markoff, Paul Freiberger, Denise Caruso, Laurie Flynn, Adam Osborne, Deborah Branscum, Michael Swaine, Scott Mace, Maggie Canon, Rachel Parker, Brett Glass; and of course Jim Forbes. Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named mac.jpgThey were the second publication to review ThinkTank, in 1983, and they put us over the top, with four perfect ratings. We raised two million dollars on the Doug and Denise Green review, in a very real sense, InfoWorld put me in business. That review also got Guy Kawasaki to call me, just before he took his first job at Apple. I remember his first words -- "They say your product walks on water." And that got me one of the first Macs, when it was still a secret, and as they say, the rest is history. Permalink to this paragraph

InfoWorld was the first tech publication that gave you sweaty palms when it arrived in the mail. This was before the web, so news came in weekly installments. When InfoWorld arrived, everything else stopped. I read it from cover to cover.  Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named appleII.jpgTruth be told, I thought they had stopped printing InfoWorld a long time ago. it's amazing it lasted so long. We grew up together, all the great people who worked there. But we're grown up now, the news happens much more quickly, and as I'm fond of saying, it's distributed now, but I'll never forget the great times we had, way back when. Permalink to this paragraph

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