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Update on UserLand

Tuesday, March 27, 2007 by Dave Winer.

After posting about the future of UserLand, a lot of comments, all constructive. What a change. It used to be that when we opened this kind of discussion, the users were crowded out by flamers. It feels in a way like we've popped the stack back to 1995 or so, when everyone in the then-nascent blogging world was full of excitement and hope, and the negative stuff hadn't shown up yet. The world was smaller then, and now it's smaller again.  Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named beatlesDad.jpgThis morning over coffee I reflected on how unusual this situation is. It's hard enough when a key person resigns, or your lawyer resigns, but I've never seen or heard of a situation where they stick around after they resigned and make unspecified demands. As some of the posters say, we hurt when people like Doug, Brent, Andre and Jake left, but they all went on to do other things, and either helped UserLand or at least stayed neutral. I certainly tried to help UserLand after I left. But this idea that Scott could get a new job, at a company that just raised $15 million in VC, and still stand in the way of cleaning up UserLand, is a mystery to me. Maybe once it's resolved I'll understand it. Permalink to this paragraph

I remarked in a comment yesterday: "The way this company is structured, the people who are central to the support of the product have no stake in its success other than they get to use it. For a company that has played such a central role in leveling those kinds of structures, it has a pretty conventional structure of its own." Permalink to this paragraph

With so little to lose, it seems, we could make some big changes, and try creating a company that rewards its community when it succeeds, in a more substantial way.  Permalink to this paragraph

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