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Dynamic duos

Wednesday, March 28, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named wayneGarth.jpgI feel like I'm finally catching up with all the events of Russo & Hale that have loomed so large in my life for the last year or so. It's so funny, when I said on December 12, that I was keeping the site running because I needed an advantage in a fight that was coming up, a lot of people thought I was talking about Mike Arrington, including Mike himself. No way. I love Mike, even though sometimes we have our differences. Please note the smilley I'm putting right here:  Permalink to this paragraph

Anyway, Russo & Hale made sure that they loom large in my world, now I'm showing them, hopefully, that I can loom large in theirs. I think some of their current clients will soon be asking them why they are suing one of their former clients without even trying to negotiate a settlement. Could it be that they're using the fact that they have free legal service, and the former client has to pay for his?  Permalink to this paragraph

To me, I liken it to a programmer leaving a virus on a client's computer, and then coming back a few months later and asking to be paid to remove it. That would be highly unethical, and would get someone thrown out of the Programmer's Union, if there actually were such a thing. Permalink to this paragraph

But being who I am, I can't possibly get totally serious without throwing a little humor at it. So when I write about Russo & Hale, I try to find some pictures of pairs of people or things that somehow communicate about the issues swirling around Jack and Tim.  Permalink to this paragraph

Anyway, next time they file a frivolous action against me, if they ever do (knock wood, maybe they won't) it'll all be out in the open, and y'all will understand what's up. Permalink to this paragraph

Yours in transparency, Permalink to this paragraph

Dave Winer Permalink to this paragraph

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