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Thursday, March 29, 2007 by Dave Winer.

NY Times: "Many of the fired prosecutors were investigating high-ranking Republicans." Permalink to this paragraph

NPR: "Under questioning from a string of antagonistic senators, Sampson repeatedly contradicted his former boss, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales." Permalink to this paragraph

Ponzi and Chris sent a really cool house-warming present.  Permalink to this paragraph

Story of My Life.com, "launching soon, is a unique way for you to preserve your life's memories and stories, pictures, videos and more to be treasured for generations to come." Permalink to this paragraph

IHT: "King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has told Arab leaders that the U.S. occupation of Iraq is illegal." Permalink to this paragraph

Rex Hammock: Why I BlogPermalink to this paragraph

Steve Rubel: The Value of "Why I Blog" PostsPermalink to this paragraph

Fox News: "As Cathy Seipp lay dying, her nemesis took his parting shot on the web." Permalink to this paragraph

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