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Time to buy

Saturday, March 31, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named evilpreacher.gifMike Arrington announces that TechCrunch is acquiring FuckedCompany, doubling his readership and covering the decline of Web 2.0 companies as fully as they cover the incline.  Permalink to this paragraph

My own two cents, when thinking about declining tech markets, something I've seen four or five times -- when a boom is tailing off is the best time to invest in truly new ideas. People's thinking has been going in one direction for a long time, so long that all the big or obvious ideas have been tried, many times, and people are creatively exhausted. It's a good time to change your assumptions, head off in a different direction. Everyone's been zigging, so now it's time to zag. Permalink to this paragraph

Revisit early ideas that spawned the current boom that have been discarded, and continue the evolution by going in a different direction. Start with a blank screen and put someting interesting and simple on it.  Permalink to this paragraph

Aside to Mike: A domain you might want to grab.  Permalink to this paragraph

PS: Apparently Mike's post was an early April Fool's joke which I fell for. Oh well. What I said still stands, ironically, whether or not Mike is joking. Have a nice day (no joke). Permalink to this paragraph

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