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To the women of blogging

Sunday, April 01, 2007 by Dave Winer.

I have many friends in the blogosphere, and many of them checked in today, in a way that matters most to me, by holding hands in cyberspace.  Permalink to this paragraph

A very special greeting came from Betsy Devine, who linked to a timely but forgotten piece I wrote in 2003, which I would like to dedicate to the women of the blogosphere who, at times, find the environment so challenging. In standing up for men in this space, sometimes it may seem that I don't appreciate the risks that women take. Let me make amends for that.  Permalink to this paragraph

http://essaysfromexodus.scripting.com/stories/storyReader$2111  Permalink to this paragraph

Be who you are, nothing more and nothing less, and know that's where beauty comes from. Permalink to this paragraph

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