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Morning coffee notes

Monday, April 02, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Just before 5AM Pacific. Permalink to this paragraph

The Apple & EMI press conference in London starts soon. Permalink to this paragraph

Amyloo saw the CNN segment on last week's blogosphere uprising, she says it could have been worse. I'm tuned in to CNN now hoping to see a re-run, but at 5AM I'm looking for video of the London press conference. Any ideas? Permalink to this paragraph

There probably is some meaningful connection between a blog and Twitter, still trying to figure it out. Pointing to Amyloo on Twitter because she hasn't got a post about this on her blog, yet. I suspect she will have one eventually. Should her Twitter page have something about her blog, or vice versa? Permalink to this paragraph

I listened to the Evan Williams interview on the Jason Calacanis podcast, Williams is the guy behind Twitter, founder of Blogger, software philosopher. The interview doesn't go into much depth, worth listening to if you're following Twitter, as I am. Permalink to this paragraph

Thanks to everyone who sent or posted good wishes for the second decade of Scripting News. There's a lot of goodwill out there, and that's much appreciated! Permalink to this paragraph

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