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Not that I care

Tuesday, April 03, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Over the last few months I watched as the Technorati rank of this weblog sank precipitously. Permalink to this paragraph

A long time ago, it was #1. Then it was in the top 10. Then, at the behest of Jason Calacanis, they changed they way they calculated rank, and it fell consistently to the bottom half of the top 100.  Permalink to this paragraph

By the middle of March it had dropped below 350.  Permalink to this paragraph

I told myself "No big deal, that's not why you write."  Permalink to this paragraph

True.  Permalink to this paragraph

But then why I am I enjoying the resurgence of this blog, when viewed through Technorati? Permalink to this paragraph

This morning, on the rise, it broke the 200 barrier, at 199. Who knows where it will stop! Permalink to this paragraph

Heh. Permalink to this paragraph

Okay, maybe I do care. Permalink to this paragraph

Just a little. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

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