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Betsy digs the Wired cover

Friday, April 06, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named wiredcover.gifLate last night I ran a picture of the cover of next month's Wired celebrating ten years of blogging.  Permalink to this paragraph

"Many of you were interviewed for this issue," I purported.  Permalink to this paragraph

I thought everyone would get it, but no one got it, until I fessed up that it was a joke, a hoax. Happy April Fools. Belatedly. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Also, when I said it's not the cover of Rolling Stone, I didn't mean to put down Wired, I was just quoting a wonderful song from the 70s by Dr Hook called The Cover of Rolling Stone. Back then, the equivalent of a blog star was a rock star, and the highest honor one could aspire to was the cover of the most famous rock magazine, Rolling Stone.  Permalink to this paragraph

It worked, btw, Dr Hook got on the cover of Rolling Stone, presumably because of the song! Maybe my little joke will get me on the cover of Wired? Heh. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

And yes, I got the idea from Betsy's site -- where she had her famous husband, the Nobel Laureate, on the cover of Wired. I thought to myself, Hmmm, that looks interesting. And the poem just came to me in a fit of rhyming creativity. Love you Betsy! Say hi to Frank. Permalink to this paragraph

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