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What kind of kid was Tim O'Reilly?

Monday, April 09, 2007 by Dave Winer.

As I think about this code of conduct thing, I find myself wondering what kind of kid Tim O'Reilly was.  Permalink to this paragraph

It made me think of an idea Ponzi has for Gnomedex. She's thinking of asking my mother to give an interview on stage. I know Ponzi loves me, so I'm actually thinking of supporting the idea. (My mother also loves me, btw.) Permalink to this paragraph

I think the kind of kid each of us was has a lot to do with how we approach things as adults.  Permalink to this paragraph

I was bullied a bit when I was a kid, but then I shot up and the bullies mostly left me alone and picked on smaller kids. I couldn't help but identify with them, and I felt bad that I didn't put myself between the bully and the kids they tormented. And I have definitely been pushed around in the blogosphere, and as I mentioned earlier, the biggest bully on my blog block is Tim O. So I find it pretty ironic that he's the one calling for civility.  Permalink to this paragraph

But I digress. Permalink to this paragraph

I wonder what Tim was like when he was a kid. What did he get in trouble for, or maybe he didn't. I don't want to presume to know, but I wonder.  Permalink to this paragraph

Since he's made our behavior such an issue, and mine in particular, for so many years, in so many ways, it seems only fair to ask some questions about him.  Permalink to this paragraph

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