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We can arrive at a fair solution

Wednesday, April 11, 2007 by Dave Winer.

I don't think my old attorney blogs, but maybe he should. Maybe by the time we're done with all our michegas, he will.  Permalink to this paragraph

Two weeks ago I posted a proposal, in public, to try to get a dialog going. In that proposal, I tried to see things from his point of view. I like to figure out what's right, and then do the right thing. I don't want anything I'm not entitled to. Permalink to this paragraph

I did all the work to create weblogs.com, and took all the risk, and withstood all the flaming -- and I also invented it (unlike RSS, weblogs.com was invented), so it might seem fair that I get all the proceeds. (I did all that without getting a salary from UserLand, all my time was at my own expense.) Permalink to this paragraph

But UserLand did help, it registered the domain for me (something we did for anyone in our community who wanted us to, back then domain registration wasn't so easy), and I did run the site on one of its servers (also something we did for others, at no charge), so let's, for the sake of argument, assume that UserLand owned it when it was transferred to me in 2003. That was the starting point for my proposal. From there, I thought we could easily arrive at a fair solution, shake hands and go forth and do our respective things.  Permalink to this paragraph

So here we are at a fork in the road.  Permalink to this paragraph

As far as I'm concerned the proposal is still on the table.  Permalink to this paragraph

But -- today I thought about what it would be like to go through depositions and a trial. I can do it. I blogged Jury Duty and got something from it, and so did my readers. Maybe I'll write a book from the inside of the legal process, I suspect there will be plenty to write about. Sure it'll cost money -- but I have money.  Permalink to this paragraph

Net-net: I believe in being fair, to others, and to myself.  Permalink to this paragraph

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