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Saturday, April 14, 2007 by Dave Winer.

For OPML Editor users, a new version of flickrRivr.root. Permalink to this paragraph

I'm planning a new release of the OPML Editor, designed mostly for Mac users, although of course it will run on Windows. It's designed to add on to AppleTV and provide a media subscription service, starting with photographs.  Permalink to this paragraph

That's why I'm reviving flickrRivr -- which I've been using constantly, and wowing visitors to my house with how cool it is to have a stream of photos of friends on my home entertainment center. Permalink to this paragraph

Apple is obviously heading in this direction as well, AppleTV has a very beautiful screen saver that displays photos synchronized from your desktop or laptop computer. That's what flickrRivr ties into.  Permalink to this paragraph

The next steps in the development of flickrRivr are to make it even more turnkey than it already is. Permalink to this paragraph

Another coooool application for RSS. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

PS: Movie demo of flickrRivr. Permalink to this paragraph

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