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Bug report

Sunday, April 15, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Imus is off the air, Gonzales is still the Attorney General.  Permalink to this paragraph

Imus is an entertainer, Gonzales is the top law enforcement officer in the US.  Permalink to this paragraph

Did Gonzales fire the US Attorneys, or was he ignorant as he says he was? And what do you think, were they fired because they were getting too close to Republicans? Permalink to this paragraph

President Bush said there's "no credible evidence of wrongdoing." So what's he actually saying? Gonzales may have been doing wrong, and there may even be evidence of it, but the President doesn't think it's credible. Wow, that's the standard of integrity we want for our highest law enforcement official. (Sorry for the sarcasm.) Permalink to this paragraph

And what about the millions of missing emails? Bug or feature? ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

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