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Politically incorrect questions

Tuesday, April 17, 2007 by Dave Winer.

1. How long before Bush connects what happened at Virginia Tech with the global war on terror? Permalink to this paragraph

2. How long before a Republican presidential contender says the Democrats want to take your guns away? Permalink to this paragraph

3. How long before one of the cable networks runs any story other than Virginia Tech?  Permalink to this paragraph

3a. What's Don Imus doing during all this michegas? Permalink to this paragraph

3b. Anna Nicole Smith? Permalink to this paragraph

4. Will anyone notice that while we're venting and emoting about Virginia Tech, hundreds of Iraqis have died. Permalink to this paragraph

5. Okay, I suppose some people believe American lives are worth more than Iraqis, so what about the 3300 Americans who have died in Iraq. That's about 100 times the number of people who died at Virginia Tech. What are we doing to prevent another 3300 deaths? Who's responsible? Could those deaths have been prevented? Permalink to this paragraph

6. If you're glued to your TV hanging on every word, when was the last time they said anything that even remotely qualified as news? (If you get bored, try playing a game, every time they say Virginia Tech, substitute Iraq.) Permalink to this paragraph

7. How long before Lou Dobbs raises the killer's immigrant status? Permalink to this paragraph

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