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Thursday, April 19, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Joe Conason: Gonzales' resignation is not enoughPermalink to this paragraph

Mark Glaser asks, on his PBS blog, whether NBC should have released the Cho videos. Permalink to this paragraph

Jeff Jarvis: Losing control of mediaPermalink to this paragraph

1/3/05: "The professional journalist is totally part of the story he or she is writing. That they believe otherwise is the major bug in their process." Permalink to this paragraph

News.com: Dell brings back XP on home systemsPermalink to this paragraph

Scoble argues for full-text feeds.  Permalink to this paragraph

Joe Trippi, Dean campaign manager in 2004, joins the Edwards campaign.  Permalink to this paragraph

Internet Identity Workshop, May 14-16, Mountain View. Permalink to this paragraph

Jackie Danicki signs up with Ing Direct based entirely on reviews here. I hope she'll write up her experience as she becomes more familiar with it. One of the problems with all the online banking systems is that you can't see the software before you sign up for an account.  Permalink to this paragraph

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