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RSS miscellany

Friday, April 20, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Looking for sources of photo feeds for flickrRivr... Permalink to this paragraph

I came across an OPML file listing all the NY Times feeds. Now that's cool. I wish they had told me about it, could have saved a bunch of time.  Permalink to this paragraph

Here's the OPML in a browsable formPermalink to this paragraph

A picture named ohRudyIsntThisAFunPlace.jpgI'm finding I can't use as much of Yahoo's stuff as I hoped to. They have feeds of news pictures, but they're too small, when they are displayed on a TV screen they're grainy and hard to look at. There were some other problems with Yahoo feeds, but I'm going to try reporting them directly to Yahoo people before writing them up here. Permalink to this paragraph

Basically I'm looking for RSS 2.0 feeds with either Media-RSS photos, or enclosures, with medium resolution photos, between 100K and 1MB, with family-safe pictures. Permalink to this paragraph

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