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We cracked the code

Friday, April 20, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named mourn.gifThe Republicans are quick to jump on Harry Reid saying he's undermining the troops, but I don't think Americans are so dumb that they fall for that kind of BS. They've been selling corrupt logic for a long time, and we've cracked the code. Permalink to this paragraph

The best way to find out what the troops think, if that's their real concern (of course it isn't, their concern is that they might get blamed for the mess they created) is to ask them.  Permalink to this paragraph

It could be that soldiers in Iraq have very little idea what we're doing there, and don't relish dying to keep Bush from going down as the disaster that he is. Who loves Bush so much that they'd be willing to die for his legacy? Isn't the next President going to have to own up to Bush's mistakes? At that point, how will Bush spin it? The tools available to ex-presidents are nothing compared to the power of the incumbent. Permalink to this paragraph

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