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Yes, of course, the war is lost

Friday, April 20, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named fredo.jpgHarry Reid says that the war in Iraq is lost. Yeah. That's been obvious for a long time. We don't even have any goals for the fighting. If we did, maybe then winning or losing would mean something.  Permalink to this paragraph

I don't think there was any way for Reid to win by saying what he said. So maybe he was motivated by something that the Republicans don't understand, maybe his conscience dictates that he tell the truth, if it might possibly save one life, no matter what kind of a Republican shitstorm it provokes.  Permalink to this paragraph

When the Republicans say we should stay so we don't lose, they're playing politics with the troops lives.  Permalink to this paragraph

And Reid is to be applauded for saying what's so obvious that no one else in politics seems willing to say. Permalink to this paragraph

BTW, if you want to find the bug -- we didn't have a national discussion about the war before we started it. Instead skeptics were shouted down as unpatriotic. Look at what a mess that created. Will we learn the lesson? Seems we have another chance to do that. Reject the Republican smear. I don't think Reid is wrong, but he simply expressed an opinion, and as majority leader of the Senate, we want him to do that, even if we don't agree. Permalink to this paragraph

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