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Advertising, day N

Sunday, April 22, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Almost everyone in the comments missed the point of the naked car guy in the YouTube video, they commented on the quality of the ad, which is something everyone can have an opinion on, but that wasn't the point.  Permalink to this paragraph

Their gesture was significant even if no one was informed or entertained by it, it had the courage to say this is something you want to watch even if you don't have to.  Permalink to this paragraph

Read the part in italics, read it carefully before you post a comment saying the quality is too low. The point is that the age of intrusive commercialism is fading, and replacing it is opt-in commercials. Commercial information you seek out because you're buying a car or refrigerator, planning a trip, need to get new shoes, or need surgery or to be represented in a lawsuit. We are all seeking commercial information all the time, and guess where we go to find it these days -- the Internet -- of course! Permalink to this paragraph

Imho, in five years, there will be so many commercial videos on YouTube and it will seem so much a part of life, everyone will say it was always totally obvious, but remember the day (today!) when you didn't think so.  Permalink to this paragraph

Commercial information will be opt-in, long-form, information-rich and entertaining, or people won't watch it. Permalink to this paragraph

The ad agency responsible for the naked car guy may not get it right this time, but they should keep trying, because they're onto something. Permalink to this paragraph

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