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Transcription errors

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 by Dave Winer.

A picture named notebook.jpgJason Calacanis was contacted by the same reporter who contacted me. I'm mentioned in Jason's post, but somewhere along the line there was a transcription error. I did not offer to do the interview via email, I made a different offer.  Permalink to this paragraph

Here's what I said: "Not generally doing interviews these days. If you have a few questions, send them along, and if I have something to say, I'll write a blog post, which of course you're free to quote. Sorry that's about the best I can do." Permalink to this paragraph

Like Jason, I have a lot of experience being misquoted, or having comments linked with others, as if there was some back and forth that didn't happen. Or I get used to make a point that the reporter wants to make, and my story gets lost. Often, the reporter's point is that I'm a putz. Why should I work hard to help people do that? Also like Jason, I don't have any trouble getting my ideas out on my own.  Permalink to this paragraph

So if you want to work together, let's find a new way to do it. I'm fed up with the old system. The way we start the reboot is to do all our work out in the open, real-time. Not via email, but in full view of everyone.  Permalink to this paragraph

I will respect the reporter's wish not to be identified, and if they want, I won't even say my comments are in response to an inquiry from a reporter.  Permalink to this paragraph

Another super-rude comeback from a Wired reporter. And they wonder why we decline to do interviews with them. Look in the mirror guys. Imagine someone talked about you that way, and ask if you'd go out of your way to help them.  Permalink to this paragraph

Dan Gillmor: "Every journalist should have the experience of being covered by journalists. Nothing would improve the craft more." Permalink to this paragraph

Joe Beda: "Talking to the media has absolutely no upside for me." Permalink to this paragraph

Kevin Tofel: "How about an interview Wiki?" Permalink to this paragraph

A picture named straightLine.gifPostscript: A Wired reporter takes issue with Jason's post, calling him "cowardly." As if to prove my point, perhaps. Can't wait to hear what epiphet they have for me. The weird thing about it is that I know and respect Dylan Tweney, which makes me wonder if he's trying to make some kind of really bad joke. If you're trying to be funny, self-deprecating humor works better. Seriously. Permalink to this paragraph

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