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The changing role of the source

Thursday, April 26, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Must-read piece by Jeff Jarvis on the future of the interview. Permalink to this paragraph

I think Wired is doing a wonderful job of listening, far better than any previous print pub has. It's awkward because a lot of understanding hasn't yet taken place. No pain no gain. Permalink to this paragraph

The new reality for all publications is that their sources can go direct. It's just like every other activity that the Internet touches, disintermediation happens.  Permalink to this paragraph

This is a much bigger story than they were aiming for -- it's the still unwritten story of the blogosphere. Wired has a chance to get this scoop that has been out there for the getting for more than ten years, even though, ironically, I wrote much of the story myself, when I was at HotWired -- before leaving, to bootstrap blogging.  Permalink to this paragraph

Oh it's a great big circle, it is. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Scott Rosenberg: "In the online conversation, the reporter doesn't get the last word. And the reporter doesn't get to filter which parts of the conversation are available to the public. No wonder journalists want to stick with the phone." Permalink to this paragraph

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