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Major Bay Area highway outage

Sunday, April 29, 2007 by Dave Winer.

This morning there's a report on local news that a critical piece of Bay Area roadway is out, and may be out for weeks or months. Permalink to this paragraph

The biggest traffic bottleneck in a traffic-challenged metropolitan area is known as the MacArthur Maze. Four major freeways, 880, 580, 24 and 80 all come together from the East Bay, and from the other side -- the Bay Bridge connects all that with San Francisco. Permalink to this paragraph

Early this morning a gasoline tanker truck caught fire on a ramp connecting 580 westbound with 880, causing 250 yards of freeway to collapse.  Permalink to this paragraph

Google map of the maze.  Permalink to this paragraph

Reports from SF Chron, KGO, Mercury News, Contra Costa TimesPermalink to this paragraph

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