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New Twitter support in OPML Editor

Sunday, April 29, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Yesterday I released new code that allows you to browse the posts from all the people you're following on Twitter. Permalink to this paragraph

How to: 1. Choose Update opml.root from the File menu. 2. Click on OK. 3. Quit and relaunch the OPML Editor app. Permalink to this paragraph

There's a new Twitter sub-menu of the Community menu, with two commands: 1. The Preferences command allows you to set your Twitter username and password, and 2. My Twitter Friends opens an outline window with a list of your friends.  Permalink to this paragraph

In the window, when you double-click on a friend's name, after a short delay, we display the last 20 status messages posted by that person. If the the message contained a URL, the outline node is a link, if you double-click it, the link opens in your web browser (screen shot). Although I haven't tried it yet, if the URL ends with .opml, it should open in-place, since that's a hack the OPML Editor uses to trigger an OPML inclusion. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

As usual, report any problems here, or on one of the mail lists. Permalink to this paragraph

PS: Amyloo got it before I even wrote it up. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

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