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Were you invited?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Another exclusive, invite-only tech conference, $3000. Permalink to this paragraph

Here's the list of invitees, username "enter" password "thelobby". Permalink to this paragraph

Can't believe they didn't invite Scoble. What's up with that? Permalink to this paragraph

However, the format seems really interesting. "No panels, no keynotes," which is 2/3 of the disclaimers for BloggerCon (we also featured no audience). Permalink to this paragraph

It's a good idea. I'd throw in a few of the Hypercamp ideas as well, but (of course) I wasn't invited (nor would I go to such an exclusive event).  Permalink to this paragraph

Frankly, I doubt if they needed to make it invite-only with the steep price and long distance (Big Island of Hawaii). The exclusiveness and publishing the invite list is more of a marketing thing, and more than a little unfair to use people's names without their permission, if in fact they didn't have their permission.  Permalink to this paragraph

Of course you have to look to see if you were invited. Or to see who's cool enough to be invited. Any surprise omissions? Post a comment.  Permalink to this paragraph

I'm off to Gordon Biersch for dinner with a bunch of nerds who invited themselves. Heh. Permalink to this paragraph

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