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Wolf Blitzer interviews Ron Paul

Thursday, May 17, 2007 by Dave Winer.

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It's amazing how Blitzer protects his viewers from the new information that there might be understandable reasons why the US was attacked on 9-11. (Of course the information itself is old, what's new is that it's being aired on CNN.) Permalink to this paragraph

We've been killing huge numbers of people in the Middle East for a long time. If a foreign power was doing to us what we do to them, we'd be pissed, and we'd fight back. (As they are.) Permalink to this paragraph

Paul is right, of course -- and Blitzer is wrong. Paul is the only candidate of either party with the guts to cut through the nonsense and say what's obviously true. And Blitzer is the one that owes us an apology, for carrying the lies for so long. He's supposed to be a journalist, and his job is to be neutral and to find and tell the truth.  Permalink to this paragraph

Ron Paul is good medicine for the US political system. Permalink to this paragraph

PS: If Giuliani is so good at protecting us, why did the attacks happen on his watch? Why no warning from Giuliani? Didn't he see it coming? Couldn't he prevent it? Why should anyone think he'd do any better if he was President? Permalink to this paragraph

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