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Next stops

Friday, May 18, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Sunday back to Calif, early morning flight. Ride BART from SFO to North Berkeley. Permalink to this paragraph

Sunday evening, Cybersalon, a reprise of the "debate" here this afternoon. Permalink to this paragraph

Tuesday afternoon, San Diego for the Future In Review conference. On-stage interview with BBC Radio Wednesday.  Permalink to this paragraph

Friday, mediation with Russo & Hale.  Permalink to this paragraph

Monday, fly to Copenhagen for REBOOT 9 on Thursday. Days inbetween to discover Denmark, acclimate to time-zone, midnight sun. Permalink to this paragraph

June 1-7, train riding around Europe. Destinations unknown! Permalink to this paragraph

June 7, return to US of A through Milano. Permalink to this paragraph

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