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Afternoon at MobileCamp

Saturday, May 19, 2007 by Dave Winer.

I spent the morning at the PDF Unconference, so I'm spending some time this afternoon at MobileCamp. I'm in Room 3, watching a presentation about how to build your own SMS gateway. Not sure I need to do it, but the other sessions are either over-full, or I don't understand what they're about. Permalink to this paragraph

Cocoa UltraSMS is a "free utility for extracting SMS messages from a mobile phone into a MySQL database for use within your own applications and websites." Permalink to this paragraph

The teacher, Jose Marinez, says he'll put the full instructions for setting up the SMS gateway on his blog. He has the gateway running on his Mac Mini at home. Maybe I'll set one up too, but I couldn't follow the demo he did here today. Permalink to this paragraph

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