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Europe travel questions

Thursday, May 24, 2007 by Dave Winer.

1. Will my Cingular Blackberry work in Europe? Permalink to this paragraph

2. Will my Sprint EVDO? Permalink to this paragraph

3. Will there be Internet on the KLM flight from SFO to Amsterdam? Permalink to this paragraph

4. Will there be power at the seat? Permalink to this paragraph

5. Which power adapters do I need to bring? Permalink to this paragraph

Todd Mitchell offers some very detailed answers. Permalink to this paragraph

Brian Benz has a novice geek's guide for staying connected while overseas. Permalink to this paragraph

I got Cingular to turn on the international roaming service. Calls and email will be expensive, but what the heck, I'm only there for 11 days.  Permalink to this paragraph

KLM says no there's no Internet on the 747 and no electric outlets either. It's an old plane, but it's huge. I got them to put me upstairs, in a window seat. Let's hope I don't have to go to the bathroom too much. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

The consensus is that I can leave the EVDO card home, it won't work in Europe at all. Luckily wifi does work in Europe, and it should be better than the last time I was overseas. Permalink to this paragraph

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