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Great community

Friday, May 25, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Illuminating and informative comments in the last two days. Permalink to this paragraph

I'm spending the day in mediation of the Russo & Hale matter, so expect little or no blog posting. If you feel so inclined, say a little prayer for peace in our time, I'm hoping to come out of today with the whole mess behind us. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

I've learned a lot about mediation in the last few weeks, esp talking with some people in Berkeley who do it for a living, and have come to think in terms of mediating conflict. Can we find middle ground, where we both achieve our goals? That's what mediating is about, finding what's in between. Permalink to this paragraph

It's a funny concept for me, since I've spent my whole professional career doing things to dis-inter-mediate, so maybe it's possible to go too far, and decentralize so much that in order to solve a problem you need to come together? Permalink to this paragraph

I expect to learn a lot today. To give some and get some, I hope. Permalink to this paragraph

Namaste y'all! Permalink to this paragraph

Jim Goodman: "A compromise is both parties going away unhappy." Permalink to this paragraph

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