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Nothing Accomplished!

Sunday, May 27, 2007 by Dave Winer.

Relatively speaking I have very little to be angry about about the war in Iraq. Except for the information that comes to me in the news, and that's very abstract, hard to feel unless I really try, the war has no direct impact on my life. I don't know anyone who is serving in Iraq. I don't know anyone with relatives in Iraq. My taxes haven't gone up to pay for the war. There is no rationing, no shortages. I don't drive much so the increased price of gas isn't having much impact.  Permalink to this paragraph

But the war does make me angry.  Permalink to this paragraph

To call it a war is an insult to all other wars.  Permalink to this paragraph

World War II really was a war against an Axis of Evil. It was unavoidable. A war for our existence. A fight for freedom.  Permalink to this paragraph

Watching 60 Minutes tonight, on Memorial Day, it's hard to imagine how we go on living our lives as other Americans give up so much, for something so utterly pointless. As the program ended, it became clear that our soldiers are having the same discussions about the war that we're having here. They know about the lack of support for the war in America. They process it in different ways. Listening to the soldiers, I can tell they were lied to as we were lied to, and of course because they have so much at stake, it must be so hard to consider that the lies were actually lies.  Permalink to this paragraph

This week, for the first time, the President is floating the idea that a massive pullout is coming soon. Permalink to this paragraph

Oh what an effect that must have on our soldiers in Iraq. The futility in risking so much knowing that the outcome, instead of Mission Accomplished will be Nothing Accomplished. Other than the unnecessary sacrifice of a nation, ours, and its army.  Permalink to this paragraph

Robert Byrd: "Today I weep for my country." Permalink to this paragraph

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