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A Berkeley prof with his hand out

Tuesday, May 29, 2007 by Dave Winer.

An over-covered story -- the professional reporters will go away, which is bad news for you and me. Not saying it isn't true, but how many times, and different ways have you read this story. But if Google were to fund the reporters, as the author suggests, what happens when Google's fortunes decline? Tech is a cyclic industry. What goes up must come down. Count on it. And who will watch Google? That's been the problem with the employees of big media companies, they never look at their funders. How do we know they're really losing money? Maybe they're controlled by politicians or business people who want to do nasty stuff without being observed?  Permalink to this paragraph

I could make the same argument, persuasively, for basic computer research. Who's doing it? Who's funding it? But the money dried up there without many articles in the SF Chron decrying it. Big surprise? Nope, of course not. The reporters are selfish and narcisistic. Hey, if you want our attention, stop complaining, stop the open offers to sell out, and let's get working on solving the problem. I want professional reporting to continue, but I also want to live forever, and that ain't happening.  Permalink to this paragraph

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