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Europe trip phase 2

Friday, June 01, 2007 by Dave Winer.

I did an interview with Thomas, the leader of Reboot on stage this afternoon, pumped up on coffee and the great vibes of the people at the conference. This is a very different kind of group, no one is too famous or pushy, and as the conference progressed people got looser and more friendly.  Permalink to this paragraph

Did anyone record the interview? I'd like to upload an MP3. If so please email me, or post a commentPermalink to this paragraph

Now my Europe trip enters phase 2. I haven't really slept since the first day I got here, two nights with 3 hours sleep has left me pretty wasted. Finally I switched to a very comfortable room with a real bed. I will sleep well tonight, then it's on to Rome, then a mini-tour of Mediterranean Italy, then home on Thursday via Milan and Amsterdam. Permalink to this paragraph

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