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Reboot highlights

Friday, June 01, 2007 by Dave Winer.

One of the highlights of Reboot has been getting to know Euan Semple. We have a lot of friends in common, so it's not a surprise that we enjoyed each others' company and sense of humor. ;-> Permalink to this paragraph

Also found Ted Rheingold and I have a lot in common. He lives in San Francisco and I live in Berkeley. We had this conversation in Copenhagen, and agreed it made total sense.  Permalink to this paragraph

Susan Goodwin, executive producer of NPR's Talk of the Nation joined us in an excited conversation about the future of public media. When she discovered I had played a big role in getting RSS going, she blurted out "I love you." I was really flattered, the approval junkie that I am. I said "I love you too." This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Instead of sending roses, I sent a link to a podcast I did about integrating public radio with what we do. Permalink to this paragraph

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