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I don't believe in the death penalty... for people

Wednesday, June 13, 2007 by Dave Winer.

But I do believe in the death penalty for corporations.  Permalink to this paragraph

Sometimes they do something so heinous, so unacceptable, that the only just punishment is oblivion. Permalink to this paragraph

An example: We should have put Exxon to death after their tanker wrecked the ecosystem of a pristine bay in Alaska. Permalink to this paragraph

And today, If there were a death penalty for corporations, AT&T may have just earned it. Permalink to this paragraph

Imagine, they have designs of selling access to movies and stuff over the Internet, so they decide to join with the MPAA and the RIAA to spy on and prosecute their customers.  Permalink to this paragraph

What a lack of awareness of their relationship with customers. They should do things to reward customers for being smart enough to have chosen AT&T as their Internet service provider. Instead, they would make their customers the stupidest people on the planet, choosing the only ISP that will send you to jail to create a new business model for them. Instead of competing to provide great service at the lowest possible price, they want to drive their customers to financial ruin, for having made the mistake of choosing AT&T. Permalink to this paragraph

AT&T -- a company that doesn't deserve to live. Permalink to this paragraph

Papa Doc: "Kinda gives ya the warm scuzzies, huh?" Permalink to this paragraph

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